Bringing Culture Back to Agriculture.

Jericho is your food source for South Vancouver Island.

By Connecting farmers with buyers, who are grocers, and chefs – Increasing exposure of local agriculture on south Vancouver Island (s) and area.

Jericho Food Group

Connecting farmers to buyers south Vancouver Island

Market Gardens

Landscaping & Design

Food Studio

Food Photography & Menu Enginering

Jericho has solutions where Sustainable Agriculture meets food security, and the local Market Garden strives to be productive, working on decreasing inputs and excess energy use. South Vancouver Island is a leader in developing solid food systems by creating more access to local, affordable, and healthier food. Finding New Customers, reducing costs of marketing local products and services. South Vancouver Island farmers need more direct contact with retail and produce buyers, chefs, brokers, distributors, manufactures and operators all over the island and area.

We help search and develop programs and systems, maximizing sustainability and creating a more sustainable income centre for farm and profitability at each level. Our focus is to promote and refine product knowledge. Help with productivity and improve bottom-line and margins by bringing a strong sense of integrity and cohesiveness to a dynamic agriculture, tourism, and hospitality sector on south Vancouver Island.