Food Information Hub For Southern Vancouver Island

Jericho Cafe

Connecting farmers to buyers on Southern Vancouver Island

Market Gardens

Where to buy your Southern Vancouver Island produce

Food Studio

Photography & Menu Development

Jericho Cafe connects farmers with new buyers, who are grocers and chefs – increasing exposure of local agriculture on Southern Vancouver Island.

┬áLocal & low intensive agriculture is the solution to meet Southern Vancouver Island’s food security issues; sustainable agriculture and local market gardens can be productive and local farmers are always working on decreasing inputs and excess energy use. Southern Vancouver Island farmers are leaders in developing solid food systems by creating increased access to local, affordable, and healthier food. Jericho Food Group will find new customers and reduce marketing costs of products and services. Southern Vancouver Island farmers need more direct contact with retail and produce buyers, chefs, brokers, distributors, manufacturers and operators all over the island.

Jericho is always looking to improve programs, systems, and agriculture that maximizes sustainability, by creating income centres for farms with market gardens, with more profitability at each level. Focused on promoting and refining product knowledge. Helping with productivity while improving bottom-line margins with a strong sense of integrity to a dynamic agriculture, tourism and hospitality sector on Southern Vancouver Island.