Market Gardens

Jericho brings – 40 years as a cook-chef from the restaurant business down to the farm. We have been farming and landscaping for over 20 years, we approach landscaping from a sustainable Market Garden ideology, combined with my culinary experience – we will find the best design solutions for your sustainable market gardening needs. We bring knowledge of culinary food trends and years of working with food from kitchen to the garden paradigm, always searching for the best seeds. We are always looking to have great relationship with farms from the island and Okanagan, always looking for great quality food. We specialize in Tomato and chilies, and always looking for great tomato and chili products.

Cove Garden

Taking what I learned from Dunbar & Ganges Gardens and used it to manage a restaurant and resort Market Garden for the Cove in West Kelowna on an old horse ranch owned by the Bennett family. The main gardener had left without notice, so I came into the situation and looked after seedlings, a huge array of tomato varieties about 300 seedlings in all. I developed landscaping and chefs garden and was liaison between kitchen and farm. I hired staff and began growing season. I amended fields and created ideology of garden and decisions about how and what to grow.

Ganges harbour house – salt spring

I worked as a breakfast cook and farm worker and was involved in transplanting the raspberry patch, and harvesting food, working with kitchen and garden.

Learned more about sustainable agriculture and the vitality of a market garden and how much food can be produced on a small patch of land.

Dunbar Garden

Dunbar was my first major foray into Urban Gardening, the garden lab-exploring soil and drainage, old school weeping tile systems of moving water around a garden. Working with Japanese style rock work and creating a herb garden, five years of landscaping and until year three- a complete sustainable system, using only what was on site, did not spend any money for three years. Year four and five, I even sold produce to a chef friend.


Ran garden for restaurant and was liaison between kitchen and garden. Garden was rescued from a year of neglect, over three years brought garden into a healthy sustainable roof top garden for the restaurant.
The local, Market- Garden must strive to be productive, by finding a purveyor that can sell local food. Jericho Food Group supports – bioregionalism, Sustainable, low Intensive, regenerative agriculture. Creating and supporting local food systems which look at supporting Food Security Plans. We can help the client achieve sustainable-agriculture goals, achieve, or obtain a better access to the grocery & restaurant supply chain.