Livin The Dream Farm

The Story of Livin' the Dream, Greenwood family Farm

It all started with a dream, an idea, a simple thought… We all wanted to escape the hustle n’ bustle of the city, we wanted a simpler way of life, we wanted our kids to grow up wild, surrounded by nature, endlessly engaged in divine play.  We wanted to pursue something we all believed in, we wanted to work with our amazing Mother Earth, and, we were willing to drop everything we had in order to pursue the vision our family was beginning to build.

We embarked on a B.C. wide search for the perfect plot.  Over a two year span we took family road trips scouting out BC’s small towns and potential properties, but, every time we thought we had finally found the right place, it would fall through.  We could all feel the perfect land whispering to us in eager anticipation, but, it always seemed one or two steps away.   Initially, we had overlooked Vancouver Island completely.  But, our brother Jason, and his wife, Christy, who have lived on Vancouver Island for the last fifteen years, continued to suggest the Island as a suitable home for us.  They both raved about the amazing sense of community, the passion for the Earth and the magical energies that dance all around this magnificent island.  When a Shirley real estate listing popped up one day, they knew without a doubt, that this was the one. At that time, we weren’t sure ourselves, but, being utterly depleted after two years of searching we purchased the property nonetheless and trusted that it was going to work out.  The rest was pretty much history.