Square Root Farm

The root less travelled.

Our Veggie Box

Our Veggie Box is a weekly, farmer-selected assortment of the best veggies we have available that week. It runs from the week of June 16th through the end of September. We started this project this year as a way to get good food to good people in a simplified, safe and streamlined way: minimal line-ups, no cash-register, minimal handling, just a big beautiful box of fresh veggies.

Where to Find Us

We’ve been bringing our vegetables to Moss Street Market in Victoria regularly since 2007. We bring our veggies to Moss Street Market every Saturday starting in May and we will continue bringing produce through to mid-December when our fields run out of veggies and they are rested over the winter.

We are also happy to be supplying our friends at Saanich Organics. Through them we supply many of the best restaurants and grocery stores in Victoria.