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Our Veggie Boxes – About CSAs

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs were established to help the farmer share the risks and rewards of volatile growing conditions with the community the food is feeding.  The CSA model asks that the customer buy a share of the farm’s harvest for the year, in advance of the growing season.  This both gives the farmer the income needed to buy the seed etc. necessary to get the crops in the ground at a time when there is little to no produce being sold, as well as providing the customer with a share of the harvest that reflects that year’s growing conditions, whether the crops grow prolifically or slightly less, due to inclement weather, pests or other variables.

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Reach out to Christine at to sign up for 2020 season veggies! Read more about the farm and the veggie box program at

If you would like to get in touch with Azja, co-founder of Little Mountain Farm and living, farming and working in the Cowichan Valley as Young Agrarians Vancouver Island Land Matcher, you can reach her at

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Little Mountain Farm, now Belle Isle Farm, is located at:

4658 Cordova Bay Road, Saanich, BC, V8X 3V7